Unlocking the Power of Emotions: A Book Review of ‘Feeling is the Secret’ by Neville Goddard

About the Book: Feeling is the Secret

“Feeling is the Secret” by Neville Goddard, we will explore the profound teachings and transformative insights presented by the author, guiding readers on a journey to harness the power of their emotions and unlock their true potential. Through a blend of metaphysical concepts and practical techniques, Goddard unveils the key to manifesting desired outcomes and creating a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Understanding the Power of Feeling

“Feeling is the Secret” emphasizes the incredible power of our emotions in shaping our reality. Neville Goddard contends that our feelings are not merely a response to external circumstances, but rather the driving force behind the manifestation of our desires. By consciously directing and harnessing our emotions, we can align ourselves with our deepest desires and attract positive outcomes into our lives.

The Creative Power of Imagination

Central to the book is the idea that our imagination is a powerful tool for manifesting our desires. Goddard emphasizes that imagination is not limited to fantasy or wishful thinking, but a creative force that can shape our reality. Through vivid mental imagery and the emotional engagement of our senses, we can vividly experience our desired outcomes and bring them into existence.

The Law of Assumption

Goddard introduces the concept of the Law of Assumption, which states that our reality is a reflection of our dominant assumptions and beliefs. He encourages readers to consciously choose empowering assumptions about themselves and their desires. By assuming the feeling of already having what we desire, we align ourselves with the desired outcome and attract it into our lives.

Visualization and Affirmations

“Feeling is the Secret” explores the practical techniques of visualization and affirmations as tools for manifesting desired outcomes. Goddard guides readers on how to vividly visualize their desired goals, immersing themselves in the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. Affirmations are used as powerful statements that reinforce positive beliefs and activate the subconscious mind to attract corresponding experiences.

The Power of Faith and Persistence

Goddard emphasizes the importance of faith and persistence in the manifestation process. He encourages readers to cultivate unwavering belief in the fulfillment of their desires, even in the face of apparent challenges or setbacks. By maintaining faith and persisting in their chosen assumptions and mental images, individuals can overcome obstacles and manifest their desires.

Living from the End

“Feeling is the Secret” introduces the concept of “living from the end,” which involves mentally and emotionally embodying the state of already having achieved our desires. By operating from the assumption that our desired outcome is already a reality, we align ourselves with the corresponding experiences and allow them to manifest in our lives.


“Feeling is the Secret” by Neville Goddard is a profound guide to harnessing the power of feeling and imagination for manifestation. Through metaphysical principles, practical techniques, and inspiring examples, Goddard invites readers to awaken to their creative potential and consciously shape their reality. By mastering the art of feeling and assuming the fulfillment of their desires, individuals can manifest abundance, success, and fulfillment in all areas of life.

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