How to start a YouTube channel? 10 important points to remember before starting

Do you have a crazy idea to start off your YouTube content but always stop because you don’t know how to start this journey? Then here I am with my top 10 tricks to start your YouTube channel.

Nowadays everyone you see is hopping on to the video content. They find it more convenient to watch videos on YouTube or any other video content.

With the increase in the trend of video content consumption. The best part about starting a YouTube channel is it is in trend and it is a growing market altogether.

Let’s directly jump on to the top to tricks to start a YouTube channel:

How to start a YouTube channel 10 points to remember before starting?

Select your YouTube video NICHE to start a YouTube channel:

Your niche speaks your personality out. I always say that it is very important to select the right niche before starting off your online work journey.

And by choosing your right niche I mean, selecting a topic where you have ideas and your own creativity. Something that comes out of your brain and heart directly.

Only your content will bring you love from your audience. And this content needs to be raw, unique & consistent.

So before signing in to your YouTube channel to start a YouTube channel, firstly choose your topic on which you are going to make your videos.

My personal suggestion: Write top 10 videos you are going to make after starting your channel. Write proper details of the video and not only the topic.

Choose the right EQUIPMENTS:

This is the most important part of your journey. It is very important to choose the right set of equipment’s when you start a YouTube channel.

Your phone’s back camera is accepted if it creates a great video. But once you plan to do it seriously. You need to invest a bit into your business.

Surround yourself with good gadgets that can give you a good video, light and audio video.

Basic Equipment’s required:

Camera: You can go invest with DSLR’s or Mirrorless cameras, Lenses, Tripod, Mic: Your phone mic will also do, Light: If you have good sunlight at your home that will do, Hard Disk: For your video back-ups, SD Card Holder: For securing your SD card it is a must thing.


Once you are done with your video shooting the next part comes here is video editing.

It is not very much important to start it with advance video editing software. As in the beginning, it is more about learning to create content and shoot than to spend your time in editing videos.

For IOS users it is highly recommended that they can start editing with Apple iMovie or Final cut Pro. The android users can go ahead with apps like FILMORA GO and Kinemaster.

These are more user friendly, easy to work with and easily downloadable.

AUDIO matters:

If you are a viewer and the audio is dull and cracking, you will get off the video immediately. And that’ the only reason why AUDIO matters.

When you are starting your journey, you can easily start with your phone audio it does wonder. You can record your voice on your phone and add it your video later.

Later you can go and buy dedicated microphones. You have to be a little particular with your audio as bad audio is much worse than a bad video.

THUMBNAIL creates a huge impact:

The picture says a lot about the story. And that’s the role of thumbnail on your YouTube channel.  Creating trending content is great but promoting and picturing it in the right way is equally important.

Scrolling down to the topic one is searching on YouTube there are high chances that a person stops on a thumbnail which speak a lot about your content.

Create a great thumbnail for your video. Make it attractive. Add basic details that you are going to cover in the video.

Let your audience connect to you through everything you do on your channel.

Don’t forget about your WATCH-TIME:

Another important factor that matters in current time is watch-time of your video. You cannot deny the fact or overlook it that your watch-time creates a huge difference in your video’s views.

Beat your video is of 5 mins or of 25 mins, how long your viewer stayed on your video matters a lot. If your video is of 5 mins and the viewer quits the video after watching it for 1 min then the algorithm of your channel goes down.

Creating a video is just not your business. Keeping it engaging and matching the algorithm again is a very crucial task.

Add TRENDING videos:

Going off- track is not so cool in today’s time. You need to stick to what is trending on internet.

Matching the interest of your audience is again a very crucial role that a YouTube blogger needs to keep in mind.

Keep up your spirit of creativity high and bring out the best that you can bring for your audience and don’t forget it should be related to your niche.

Add important DETAILS in your video:

Once video shoot and editing are done, next step is to optimize your video to get it rank on YouTube.

Once you start a YouTube Channel and uploaded your video, give it a good description, add a proper keyword and key phrase. Which people basically search in the search bar.

Let’s take an example: “Top 10 tips to become a blogger in 2021” is better than “Tricks to become a blogger”

Keywords, Key phrase and description matters a lot while uploading your content on YouTube.

Work on your NETWORK:

Your viewers are your boss. The one who is going to help you to monetize your YouTube channel.

YouTube is all about connecting and brining great content that your viewers can watch and connect to.

So, to become a successful blogger you need to work hard on building your network. Once thing that works in this community is COLLABORATION.

It helps you to grow your community and gain new subscriber on a regular basis. So reach out to other bloggers, connect to them, invite them your channel and grow.

CONSISTENCY is the key:

It is just not about to start a YouTube Channel, but the most important thing is to be consistent. The only way to grow yourself in this market of the YouTube community is to be consistent. There are people who often give up. But that is not what you are here for.

Do not think of quitting if you see any negative comment or statement. People are here to judge you; they will try to push you down. But you have to completely ignore it.

Manage your calendar, decide your days to upload your video, plan it thoroughly and work accordingly.

How to start a YouTube channel 10 points to remember before starting?


YouTube is a great platform to get yourself independent, to become your own boss and evolves yourself into a new self-made human being. If you are someone who is creative and can surpass your ideas to viewers then go for it and start a YouTube Channel.

If you have any question related to the above steps comments us below I will revert you there itself.

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