How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now

Being social on Instagram is normal these days but to become an Instagram influencer we need few additional skills to grow in this industry. It’s 2023, it is really important to be there in front of your audience and bring new valuable content for their feed.

Who are Instagram Influencer?

They are the ones who have won the trust of their audience in due time with their consistent presence on the social media platform. The journey to becoming an Instagram Influencer needs, one to keep social media their priority and on top of it to bring the original content to their followers that they can connect with.

To become an Instagram influencer one needs to bring out the true self on the social media platform and create content that can add value to the page. This can be anything from being a fashion influencer to a lifestyle blogger or even a Yoga teacher all it requires is your consistency to the content you feed in as an instagram influencer.

The article is about, how to become an Instagram Influencer and how you can create an impact on social media through your presence.

How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now |

Top 5 tips on how to become an Instagram Influencer :

  • Get Started Right Now
  • Add value to your Instagram Page
  • Approach different Brands
  • Using the Right Hashtags
  • Study Your Page Insights

Get Started right now

How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now |

We waste a lot of time thinking and not actually executing it. So, let’s just drop the idea of only procrastinating on what to do and bring our plans into action.

Let us understand how we start our journey to become an Instagram influencer:

Start your Instagram page:

When I said skip the step of procrastination I meant we need to start this right now without thinking about how we can grow. Decide the name for your social media i.e your Instagram page.

Choose the right Niche:

Your niche defines you, it defines your personality and your art. While choosing your niche you need to be very precise. Don’t work on micro-niche, always keep your area of content on a huge scale.

Define your Target Audience

While working on a particular page or topic, you need to be very specific with your target audience. Exactly whom you are going to target and for whom you are creating content. This will help you to create content accordingly.

Above 3 pointers are really very important as it is going to laid the foundation of your journey to become an influencer.

Add value to your Instagram page

By starting a creator Instagram page, you have stepped towards the first step towards your journey to becoming a successful Instagram influencer. Now, start adding content to your page. Let me be a little precise with this start adding “Valuable content on your page”

How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now |

Let us understand what are different pattern that we can choose to boost our Instagram Page:

Add Relatable Content

Adding a new feed every day is not your task, your real work is to add relatable content to your page that your audience can connect with. It is very important to add content that adds value to your page. It should either be entertaining, Provide some Knowledge, Create some Difference, Drive a Mission or anything that is related to your niche.

In today’s time, posting pictures will not help you completely, add IGTV and Reels to make your page more attractive.

Post HD Pictures

To make it attractive you need to work a lot on the content you post on your page. Posting High-Quality pictures will surely create some differences. It is going to catch the eye of your audience, they will not only follow you but will also become your permanent followers.

Make Sure You Post It At Right Time

Many times we face this issue, that at several times we don’t get a satisfactory response on our post. This can happen majorly because of the timing when you post a particular content. This play a very vital role in reaching the right target audience.

To monitor this, start posting at different timeline in a day, and monitor the activity and response. Note down when you receive the maximum response and start posting majorly at that particular timing.

Approach different Brands

How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now |

Once you start growing with constant content feeding, you need to expand your approach by reaching out to different brands. This can be done either through Barter System or Paid Promotion. Getting a shoutout from famous brands can give you a huge jump on followers.

Having 4000 to 5000 followers can help you to reach out to famous brands, but you can always start promoting the small brands too.

You can reach out to different brands by mailing them about your page and post if they consider you for the promotion. Then it can be done through Barter or Paid Promotion.

Using the Right Hashtags

How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now |

This is the most important part of your journey to becoming an Instagram influencer. Using the right hashtags that are related to your account is something really important. This connects you with the right set of audience.

Let us understand this with an example if you are having a Fashion Photography page and you post content on regular basis then it becomes really important to use hashtags that are related to your page. You can get several hashtags that are related to your account through Google.

Add these hashtags with every post. Also, don’t use a similar set of hashtags for each post. Keep on experimenting with the hashtags.

Don’t forget, monotony can be dangerous and similarly in your case you need to expand your target audience and for the same you need to be versatile with the hashtags that you use in a post.

Study Your Page Insights

Evaluating your work should be your priority. Every day when you work on your page it becomes your utmost duty to check how your page is performing.

The page insight plays a very important part in monitoring your journey, as here you can check the inflow and outflow of your audience. The growth parameters, how many accounts you reached and also the content Interaction.

Whenever you see a graph dropping you need to buck up and work on your feeds more rigorously.

How to become an Instagram Influencer? Top 5 tips to apply now |


The conclusion to every social media channel is the same and it demands one simple thing i.e. Consistency. With consistency in your content, you grow like anything. It will connect you to your audience and will give a boost to your career real soon to become a famous Instagram influencer.

Do comment below and let us know how did you start your journey to become and Instagram Influencer?

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