How to expand business on social media? 4 amazing tricks to keep in mind.

Social media is a key to success in today’s generation of the internet. It is the medium to increase your reach to your right audience. It may take a little time to expand but once it starts off then the sky is the limit.

Social media is the biggest platform where one can stand and sell out everything. Increasing your online business is the primary motive of any businessman who is starting their e-commerce or any other online business. Either you have a big retail store or even a small house business.

You can bring any of your business online and can earn a huge amount from it. Big e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra every platform encourage different business holders to come and sale their products and earn good amount sitting at home.

Doing all this is not an easy task. It requires lots of patience and consistency to grow your online business. Social media has a huge opportunity to bring brand awareness and sales tool for your business.

How to expand your business on social media? 4 amazing tricks to keep in

Let’s check out the best tips to grow your online business:

Content is the king

Everything you post on social media has a reason. Content should be of high quality and it should deliver some value to your audience.

Content is the kind of Internet as everything you post starting images, videos or text everything matters. To drive huge traffic to your website you need to deliver some important and valuable content. It should have the right keyword and should always connect your audience.

Point to remember while writing your content

  • It should be easy to read and understand. Do not unnecessarily stretch your content to reach the specific word count.
  • It should always deliver some values and conclusion to your audience.
  • Use the right and trending keywords to get huge traffic on your website or blog.
  • Add image, video and GIF to make it more interesting to read.
  • Always design the structure of your content i.e. Introduction, body and at last conclusion. The conclusion is a must.
  • Always engage your audience and ask them to comment and share your content

Make Social Media your priority

Social media can be a real challenge when it comes to growing your business online with so much competition. So, my second tip to you as small businesses and entrepreneurs is to make social media a priority for you. Without putting it into your planner and spending time on it you won’t be getting the desired results.

This can be the hardest thing to do as entrepreneurs and small businesses but we all have to wear multiple hats and find out time for social media. 

Social media wasn’t necessarily a priority for business owners earlier until they saw the power of what social media can do for their brand. But let’s take a step back the key to establishing a great social media presence is sharing great social media content and for busy business owners taking the time to create great content can easily be pushed aside which is okay what I encourage you to do is to take time and batch time dedicated to social media content creation find your most.

Let’s checkout few point to keep in mind while working on it:

  • Plan your week, ask your team to plan it so that you can put the right efforts in the right frame of time. Make strategy, create goals what do you see as a success with social media.
  • What do you want as a result is it brand awareness, is it sales is it, somewhere in between having a plan will help you make that commitment to social media right from the beginning.
  • So, starting with the plan understanding the tools are going to help you achieve that plan and then looking outside to your peers and competitors for what’s working for them is a great place to start.
  • Don’t forget to be regular on social media. It is very important to be connected to your audience. Being active is a very important task to seek the attention of your target audience.
How to expand your business on social media? 4 amazing tricks to keep in

Pick the right tool for Social Media marketing

Once you decide to pick the right tools for your business as a small business or entrepreneur. I like to break it down into five different sections of potential tools you have your

  • Collaborate tools: This tool is going to help you to collaborate with freelancers. Tools like Slack, Google Dropbox Paper Trello are all great project management tools that will help you collaborate on things or ideas that you think will be successful on social media.
  • Attractive tools: This tool will help you to implement a lot of fun tools. That will help you attract customers both on Social media and other marketing efforts as well. Tools like WordPress to help you write blog posts or manage your website Mail Chimp to send emails Buffer to send social media posts, Canva Animoto to help you create videos and graphics.
  • Acquired tools: This tool will help you start to see more robust tools in the acquisition stage of your customer journey. CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce Market to Mail Chimp to send email drip campaigns, Buffer to continue to send out your social media posts.
  • Retained tools: This tool can help you in things like NPS scoring surveys type form to help you send out customer surveys offer to continually send out social media. Mail Chimp to send automated emails to your customers based on specific actions you can also use advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn & Pinterest to help remarket to customers who have been on your website
  • Measuring tools: This tool is where you implement things like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics lots of options out there to measure how you’re doing on social media and to help as I said before direct those steps of actions towards the things that are going to work in the future strategy.

Engagement with growth

Social media is not a game that you can win with tricks and short cuts. Here you need the consistency that will bring you growth and traffic.

Point to remember while planning your social media stratergy:

  1. Always connect with your audience and provide them with the relevant content of their interest.
  2. Be honest with what you write and keep your facts clear as it will build trust in your audience.
  3. Don’t hide behind your logo. Come live and connect with them. This will help you to engage your audience more quickly.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your audience updated about your content.

This entire cycle of social media is very strong and through above steps only it will bring you growth.

How to expand your business on social media? 4 amazing tricks to keep in


Social media is ruling currently the market and content is the king. So don’t forget to create your blog and then promoting it properly on social media. Everything you do in the current situation on social media has a lot of impact on the traffic that you get on your website.

Don’t forget to comment us below if you have any questions.

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