How to choose the right domain? 5 important steps to remember

When it comes to set up your website or start your blogging page. After choosing your niche, the next most important thing is to choose the right domain name which is the address of your website.

People will only come back to your website or blog in you have unique content, along with that if you have a domain name that is catchy people will definitely remember you. And even there is a chance that they will share it with others.

Have you ever thought why it is so important to have a good domain name and why is it so important to have one?

Let me tell you few points to make it clear.

  1. It creates your brand
  2. People share it more often
  3. It creates a very big impression on your audience
How to choose the right domain? 5 important steps to

Now let’s move further and see the steps to choose:

Keep it Short & Simple to read:

While deciding your domain name ideally it should be in between 6-12 words and easy to pronounce. So that people can remember it.

For e.g., is less than 12 words and also easy to remember. Always keep in mind that shorter names are better and easy to remember and pronounce.

Don’t keep the too tricky name of your website. As it becomes difficult to memorize and also pronounce. Your audience will often forget or will pronounce it wrongly.

If in case you find it difficult to find a short name then think of name that is unique and create your brand awareness.

Remember to keep the short name, easy to pronounce as it helps you to rank your website on google. A famous platform like Facebook, Skype, Instagram is easy to spell and remember and that is why they are ranked on top and on everyone’s mouth.

Keep your niche in your domain name:

Your website reflects you and your work. And it is highly recommended to have your niche or topic in your domain name. It gives the perfect brief what your website holds on.

If you have a website that typically talks on travel then it is always suggested to keep word travel in your website or something relatable to it.

For e.g.,, it is being very relatable to the one who is looking for something related to travel. And this is how Google will rank your website on top.

Keeping a niche in your domain name makes it easy to search and remember also. Your audience will always remember you with your website identity.

Never use hyphens, dash or comma in your domain name:

You should always keep your domain name mobile friendly and easy to type. Having these special characters will affect your traffic and organic search a lot.

For e.g., if you want to keep your blog on your name i.e., Mithila Malik’s blog then it is going to be difficult for your audience to type and search for it.  

This will force them to switch the keyboard type and put and then again going back to typos.

So, try not to put these special characters in your blogs or website. As it will be more user friendly for your audience.

How to choose the right domain? 5 important steps to


Before reading ahead, just think for a moment which extension comes in your mind once you talk about any website. 80% of you will say .com as it is highly used and suggested extension.

It is the most simple and familiar extension when it comes to web. It carries high significance value on audience.

The best part about .com over any other extension is, Google always prioritize it over any other extension domain. So, you can say that the .com extension is easy to rank than any other extension.

Note: If you do not get .com extension try for .in as it covers the target audience of India. And if your target audience is of the specific country then you can use that particular country extension.

For e.g., if your target audience is only from the USA then use extension .us try using country-specific extension than weird extensions like. pizza, .info, .tech and so on.

Get existing or expired domain name:

The entire game or web is ranking and backlinks. It will be a cherry on the cake if you get an existing or expired domain to take over.

The best part about the already existing domain name is that is it easy to rank your website. This way you will be able to generate more backlinks from the existing one.

You can check the list of the existing domain name from tools like Ahrefs to check the existing backlink. This can easily give you traffic and brand awareness.

Before going ahead to use any existing or expired domain name be a little careful with it. Make sure that there is no existing trademarks or any downfall in the traffic. Also remember to check the backlinks are not from the degraded websites as it is also not the right site to invest.

How to choose the right domain? 5 important steps to


So here are the 5 most important points to remember while choosing a domain name for your website. A domain name is a very important part of your blogging journey. As we mentioned earlier it says a lot about you and your topic.

Summary to choose your domain name:

  1. Keep It short and simple to read
  2. Keep your niche in your domain name
  3. Never use hyphens, dash or comma in your domain name
  4. Always use .com extension
  5. Get existing or expired domain name

Choosing a domain name is not a very big task if you do it diligently. Keep in mind these above 5 point before selecting one and you will be able to rock it like anything.

If you have any doubts and questions to ask do comments us below. We will try to resolve all your doubts.

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