How to earn money from a blog? 5 best steps to monetize your website.

How to earn money from a blog? Are your still confused? You have a blog, you have traffic, but you are not making any money? Are you in this situation currently?

Then do not worry because here I am going to discuss super 5 easy steps to start earn money from a blog post. 

If you are a beginner and want to start your career into blogging. Then go and read our article on “How to start a blog?” and then you can back here and learn how to earn from it. 

Let’s start with the super easy 5 ways to learn how to earn money from blogging?

How to earn from blogging? 5 steps to monetize your website."

Add Google AdSense to earn money from a blog: 

Most of the bloggers initially make a mistake of getting paid ads on their website with meagre traffic. Google AdSense is something that Google provides and allows you to put ads on your site.

Points to remember while applying for Google AdSense 

  1. Once you have a good amount of traffic on your website of at least 10000 a month then you can immediately apply to Google AdSense. 
  2. You need to have Privacy Policy on your website before applying to Google AdSense. 
  3. Put AdSense on your site, put it throughout your text, your sidebar, every time someone clicks on it, you will make money.

Recommendation: Do not apply for Google AdSense if you have very minimum traffic on your website. If you face this problem go for option No. 2 and start to earn money from a blog.

Go for Affiliate Marketing to earn money from a blog:

Affiliate programs are where you promote a product or service, and you get paid every time you drive a sale. Depending on your niche, you could even partner directly with some product sellers. Some products can cost a few hundreds of dollars and can come with generous affiliate commissions of about 30 and up to 50%. In this case, you could be making a hundred dollars or more per sale.

There’s a lot of networks out there that have affiliate offers such as

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  2. Flipkart Affiliate 
  3. Click Bank
  4. JVZoo
  5. CJ Affiliate
  7. Rewardsale

You can go there to sign up for offers, promote them on your blog, and you’ll get paid every time you drive a sale.

Start Selling digital products to earn money from a blog:

We prefer and recommend to sell digital products online. The ROI is usually very high and if you’ve built your blog or website to help you sell your products,

You can have a great income without spending anything on paid advertising. You can sell lots of different products that don’t require a lot of support, for example:

  1. Ebooks
  2. Printable files like binders, guides 
  3. You can sell patterns and templates if you are a DIY blogger 
  4. You can sell stock photos through your site if you are a photographer. 

Interestingly, a lot of bloggers delay creating products for too long until they almost get a burn-out from chasing pageviews to monetize their site with ads.

 From e-books to courses, there’s an infinite number of possibilities with digital products.

Now when you’re selling digital products the best way to do it is typically through a webinar. Have people go to your site, register for a webinar, watch, and then some of them will end up buying or becoming leads, or customers, for your digital products.

Start Selling physical products to earn money from a blog:

You can even sell physical products. This is a very good way to start monetizing your website. Here you can sell the products that you particularly deal in. It can be anything, related to your niche or topic. 

A good example can be any website that is selling their products related to 

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Fashion 
  3. DIY & Creative Artwork
  4. Handmade Jewellery’s  

By selling these products you can make millions and millions of dollars a year. And this is only possible because of your blog traffic.

It’s super effective as long as you’re creating an amazing product that people want to buy.

Sell your Services earn money from a blog:

When you are just starting a blog, it’s often months of work without a single paycheck. While growing your audience, you can also offer your services on the blog. For example, you could reach out to some established bloggers and offer your services as their 

  1. Content writer, 
  2. An editor
  3. A virtual assistant. 

You could also offer many other services and promote them through your blog – like making voiceover, translations, graphic design or anything else you are skilled at. 

The best part about selling your services through the blog is that you don’t pay commissions that always apply if you use freelance sites to find clients.

Many of you beginner bloggers can make the majority of your income by selling your services in the first year or two and you can very easily start to earn money from a blog.

How to earn from blogging? 5 steps to monetize your website:


We think it’s great! You are working from home and earning enough to replace your 9-5jobs. The most amazing thing about blogging is that you can build your career and skyrocket your income to the levels that would take you decades in the corporate world.

Use these above five methods to earn money from a blog and you’ll be able to monetize your blog super easily. Make a note of all the 5 given ways and start doing it for your website and blogs. But don’t forget “Consistency is the key” Mention in the comment section what ways you used and which one is more useful. Also, if you have any doubts and question in regards to any above topic comment us below will help and resolve each one of them. 

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