How to become a successful Amazon Affiliate learn in 9 steps?

Want to start your career in Affiliate marketing and become an amazon affiliate but confused how to exactly start it? Here, I am going to tell you how you could earn from Affiliate marketing and set up your Amazon affiliate account and earn a great amount through this program.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to earn a significant amount of money online. Affiliate marketing is extremely favourable for both merchant and affiliate marketer and it’s best proven to become an Amazon Affiliate.

In affiliate marketing, three parties are involved.

  1. Merchant
  2. Affiliate
  3. Customer

There’s a merchant or an affiliate network, let’s consider it to be Amazon to become and Amazon Affiliate. Then there will be you, as an affiliate. Where you will be promoting the products of the merchant through a special affiliate link. So, when someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission that is how you make money.


Benefits of Amazon Affiliate

As the world is moving towards digitalization almost all popular companies use affiliate marketing to drive customers. Be it Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato almost all popular companies are doing it. But the important question is, how affiliate marketing will help you.

Well, let’s discuss the biggest benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. First is online earning on autopilot. You don’t have to go door to door to sale or promote these products. 
  2. You don’t need any special qualifications; you don’t need any technical background as well. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer. 
  3. No office Expense all you need is one laptop, or a computer, and an internet connection
  4. There is no age limit, no massive course fee, only your willingness to learn, and your willingness to earn money online.

How do Affiliate Marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is now a proven record to earn money digitally. Every next person in the current scenario is selling something either product or service. And getting it done online has provided them with a lot of ease to work.

Affiliate marketing is a model where a seller or the marketing company sell their product to different parties by different chains. Affiliate marketing works on a very effective marketing strategy where each contributor gets there to share.

As stated earlier Affiliate marketing requires 3 parties: 

  1. Seller: They are the one who creates a product. The manufacturer or the big enterprise’s owner. The product creators can be the one who creates a physical product, service or even Videomakers.
  2. Affiliate and Advertiser: They are the one who advertises the products. The individuals or a company that markets the seller products. They have their own set of market depending on their niche. And promote it accordingly based on their audience. 
  3. And, The Consumer: The backbone of the marketing chain are their consumers. They can buy a product through different source either social media or blogs or website. When a consumer buys a product the seller and the affiliate share the profit.

Points to remember before signing in for Amazon Affiliate: 

  1. Make a set-up before jumping into Amazon affiliate program. Get your website, blog or your YouTube channel where you are going to promote and sale the Amazon products. 
  2. If you don’t make a good number of sales within 6 months. Amazon most likely rejects your account and you don’t get to re-sign in from that account. 
  3. Get a good number of followers and visitors on your website so that it can help you can generate good income out of your amazon affiliate program 

Now let’s check out the step-by-step method to create your amazon affiliate account. 

STEP 1: Go on www. amazon. in and sign in to your account. Scroll down and select the option BECOME AMAZON AFFILIATE. Or you can directly go to Amazon Associate main page and click on Sign-in page.

STEP 2: If you have an existing account login or create a new for yourself. 

STEP3: Now you have landed upon the Amazon Associate main page. As you are new customer click on the button NEW CUSTOMER

STEP 4: Add your personal and basic details, save and move to next page. 

STEP 5: On this page add your page. The link of that page from where you are going to do the marketing. Your YouTube, Website or your blog link. Save and move to the next page. 

STEP 6: Now here you need to fill the details of your business that is your store name. Choose the category on which you are going to work. 

STEP 7: On this page, you have to mention your marketing tactics. How exactly you are going to attract traffic to your particular website, blog or YouTube channel. At the end mention the number of visitors and your vision behind joining the program. 

STEP 8: Now you are on the final step to becoming an Amazon Associate. You are on the verification page where you have to enter your number and click on CALL ME NOW button. Someone from Amazon will call you and tell you the 4-digit PIN. Enter it in the box and your application is complete. 

STEP 9: You will get a pop-up of Welcome message. It will ask you to fill your bank details which you can fill now or later. 

Why Become an Amazon Affiliate 

  • Once you promote your Amazon affiliate link the cookie period is for 24 hours.
  • You will be getting the commission for whatever customer ends up purchasing at the end of 24 hours.
  • You will be getting paid the affiliate commission for the entire cart. So, If you refer someone to buy a phone. But the person ends up buying an earphone, phone cover and pop-socket as well. You will be getting the affiliate commission for the entire cart value and not just the product that you recommend.
  • Amazon is now one of the biggest eCommerce websites in India. They spend millions on advertising and now everyone knows about Amazon. So, there’s a trust from the consumers from Amazon, so the conversion rate of people buying from Amazon is very high.


Starting an Affiliate account is not the solution, running it, earning from it should be your vision. Get your mind clear what you want at the end of your target cycle.

Don’t forget to comment us below your questions. I will surely reply to all your comments.

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