How to start a career in freelancing: 4 useful tips to remember

Do you want to start your career in freelancing? And bored with your regular 9-5 job? Then this is the right time to start a career in freelancing.

Freelancing is the new normal which I believe and it is the future.

So, if you are somebody who is either new to freelancing or you want to build a profitable freelance or agency business this is the right time to start.

Majorly Freelancing stage is divided into three phases.

  1. The Prepare Phase
  2. The acquire phase
  3. The retained phase

All these phases are equally important to start your journey as a freelancer and then continuing to generate good revenue as a freelancer and attract your clients.

How to start your career in  freelancing? 4 useful tips to

Discussing majorly Prepare phase, let us check one by one what are the steps that are required to start a career in freelancing.


The first thing that you need to have is the required Skillset to start a career in freelancing. This means you need to know what it is that you are going to offer to the clients that are then going to pay you for. This could be anything from Creative Writing, Software Development, Design Q A, Marketing Sales, Social media management.

It’s really up to you on what you think that skillset is. Or if you are somebody who doesn’t necessarily have that skill set. They’re a great place where people create content and courses that you can buy from. So that would be a great way to start building up that skillset. If you maybe don’t have one quite yet which would be that skillset that you are offering.


I know a lot of times in the world of freelance. You don’t think you need one, but you need one more than ever to start a career in freelancing. Because people actually do not know what it is that you’re good at unless you tell them and show them oftentimes.

If I am seeking out different clients I won’t just give them a regular paper resumé that I would normally submit for job applications based on whatever type of job I’m seeking out or work I’m trying to get I will actually build a custom unique experience for them once they show interest.

This will build their interest in my work and will give more weightage and credit to my profile. Your resume should speak out about your work. It should contain all the skills that you and also that you can provide to your clients.

How to start your career in  freelancing? 4 useful tips to


Oftentimes when you start having a conversation with someone whether that’s on social media or through email or even in-person they are going to ask, hey what you did in past work. Having a Portfolio is a must to start a career in freelancing.

What they’re wanting so if, you offer website development and maybe you specialize in e-commerce they’re going to want to see e-commerce Web sites that you have designed or built.

Same for marketing strategies social media creative writing Q A design. All that stuff they are going to want to see what you did to help clients reach that goal that is similar to theirs because they as a client want to know what they’re paying for and what they’re getting into before they start working with you.

So, it is very important to build your portfolio. You need to be very much serious while building it. To help your client see the work that you offered in past. Your portfolio should include all the work you did from beginning to till date.

Social Media:

The last thing is social media and also the most important one to start a career in freelancing. You have to make sure that you are showing up on these platforms as an expert in whatever feel that is that you are offering for freelance.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other platform you need to be active over there to keep your audience and clients updated. You can check the blog How to expand your business on social media? 4 amazing tricks to keep in mind. 

For this, you can either rebrand your current accounts or you can create totally separate ones. That should only speak about that particular service or field so it could be Web Development, Marketing, Creative writing or Social media.

You pick your topic and then you start generating social content around it which can then also feed into your portfolio and the blog post that you write. Creating this little ecosystem of you being the expert in that field.

Another good thing about doing that is it will generate leads for you.

How to start your career in  freelancing? 4 useful tips to


Sitting back at your home is not a set back it’s a great call for your self that you can build your own work and earn from it. As I said earlier freelancing is the new normal and you should understand how amazing it is and not wait anymore to start a career in freelancing.

Summary to the above mention point for how to start a career in freelancing:

  1. Define your Skillset and work on it regularly.
  2. Build your professional Resume.
  3. Build your Portfolio to create huge impact on your client.
  4. Stay active on all your Social media platform.

Start working on the above given point smartly and go ahead to start a career in freelancing. If you have any questions and doubts comments us below.

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