How to Start a Podcast in 2023: The complete guide to becoming a successful Podcaster.

Learn how to start a podcast in 2023 a complete guide for beginners. This write -upholds all the step from planning to implementation to start a podcast.

Here we are going to begin from the beginning. If you are here reading this blog there is a purpose. Firstly, write down your purpose and if not then think for a moment why you are reading it.

I believe every human has a story to tell and each one us need a different medium to reach out. And I guess you have opted for an audio digital file to spread your word.

In this article, we are going to discuss the steps from beginning to execution and finally the implementation to start a podcast.

How to Start a Podcast in 2021: The complete guide.-

Steps to follow to start a Podcast

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Recording & Editing
  • Launch
  • Post-Marketing

Let’s get started with each of the stages one by one and understand how to start a Podcast:

Planning to start a Podcast

  • Why do you want to start a Podcast?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Select your Niche
  • Decide its Name

Why do you want to start a Podcast?

This is what you need to find, exactly why you want to start it? You need to decide you want to start it as a profession or just as a hobby?

This cannot be a hit and trial method. You need to invest your time, energy and creativity into it. You need to be serious about it.

You can start podcasting as a career if you have if you either want to start it as a profession or even as a hobby. All you need to clear in your mind is “why” you want to do it.

What is your target audience?

This question is as important as Why? You need to focus on your target audience for whom you are going to start a podcast.

This stage of focusing on your target audience is important because it is directly proportional to your growth.

For an example, if you want to start your cookery show and you want to start it professionally, then your target audience are the people who cook, the home makers, the chefs and college graduates. You need to prepare your content accordingly.

Your podcast need to have a value so that people will listen to you. They will give you a chance to hit the play button and listen whatever to you teach them.

How to Start a Podcast in 2021: The complete guide-

Select your Niche

The basic step to start working online is to select your niche and to start a podcast This going to help you to work on the topic that you know in and out and also where there is no limit to spread your creativity.

It is your area of interest where you talk and share your views to your selected target audience.

Start with selecting a basic niche for example: starting a Cookery show and then later you can expand it with giving classes and expand your niche.

Decide it’s Name

Once you type on Google or on Apple Podcasts you will see different types of names options available there.

Deciding a name for your Podcast cannot be something that you opt randomly, you need to be very much peculiar while choosing it to start a podcast.

The name of your Podcast can be relevant to your topic or it can either be something which is catchy or something that people searching it.

You can make the name of your choices, For example, you can name your Cookery show as “Raj’s Cookery Show” or ” A way to cook deliciously” this can be anything that people would love to come and listen to.

Preparation to start a Podcast

  • Create Intro
  • Get your gadgets to record
  • Plan your podcast episode format
How to Start a Podcast in 2021: The complete guide-

Create Intro

In this you have to write down your intro, the intro need to describe what you are actually going to put into your Podcast.

It is similar to the Snippet that is visible on Google Search. It has the gist of your whole content.

You need to write a small description in a paragraph form to show your audience, this will help your audience to read and decide whether they want to go for you or not.

Tips to write a brief description:

  • A little brief of your content. A small part of what you are going to present them so that it can interest them.
  • If you want you can add a small phrase about yourself. Sometimes people attract with your personality.
  • Imagine yourself as your audience and then write the description that is going to excite you to listen to the podcast.

Get your gadgets to record

This simply means, get your microphone ready to record your podcast. Your audio is the only thing that your audience is going to hear and feel. While recording your podcast your audio matters the most.

Audio quality matters a lot but it doesn’t need lot of investment. If you are a beginner you can start recording with your phone microphone also. It works really great.

You can check the list of best microphone for podcasting through this link.

How to Start a Podcast in 2021: The complete guide-

Plan your podcast episode format

In this step, you are going to decide the format of your podcast. How exactly you are going to plan your podcast, is it going to be an Interview show, Co-Hosted or it is a Solo show?

Interview Show, here you are going to interview people who have stories that can interest people and collect great content for your show.

Co-Hosted show, in this you are going to invite a co-host and record with him/her. This can be in a debate, talk show or even discussion on any specific topic.

Solo Show, if you don’t have someone to go for a show then you can do it yourself also. You don’t need to rely on anyone your episode. You can do it yourself in your own way with your own content and topic.

Recording & Editing

  • Record & edit your Podcast with the right software

Record & Edit your Podcast with the right software

After recording your software then next most important step that comes in play is editing your Podcast. There are many software that are there available in the market that helps you specially to edit your podcast.

Let’s learn about few of them:

  1. Alitu: It is one of the easiest software to edit your podcast. Alitu is a must used software for the podcasting editing tools. It gives you an option to add Music, helps you to piece together your audio segment, take cares of your audio quality and helps you to directly publish your episodes
  2. Audacity: A free audio editing software to edit your podcast. Many podcasters use it for basic editing and it is also a very famous one. It works for both Mac & PC.
  3. Adobe Audition: It is a paid software but one of the best one. It provides you with amazing features and proper steps to work with.
How to Start a Podcast in 2021: The complete guide-

Launch your Podcast

  • Publish your Podcast

Publish your Podcast

If you already have a buzzsprout account then that’s crazy because here you are not supposed to do a lot of hard work. Just click on Upload Button and your work is done.

Launch your podcast with all the basic details- date, episode tittle, description and summary.

Note: Try to launch at least 3 to 5 episode so that your audience is engaged with your content and they don’t have to wait for it.


  • Share it with the world
  • Create your website and get transcription
How to Start a Podcast in 2021: The complete guide-

Share it with the world

One your podcast is ready and you have successfully launched it, now its time to promote and share it with the world. There are lakhs of people who can connect with you, with your content. It is your responsibility to reach out to such people. The one who are your target audience.

Spread the word, on your social media pages and ask your friends and close-one to share it.

Think how exactly you are going to promote it and to increase your listeners. My only mantra is “Consistency is the Key” if you are consistent in creating great content and share it your audience you can very soon start monetizing your podcast.

Create your website and get transcription

Once you have started your podcast and launched it. The next steps is to promote it through your own identity i.e. by creating a website.

Create a website (WordPress is the best place) and then start working on it.

Start your blog and get your website monetize with learning the initial steps of blogging.

Get the Transcription, it is an excellent way for search engine (like Google). Create show notes, a summary of what you talked about A full proper blog post of your podcast.

Grab your podcast episode code and Embed your episode.


Podcasting is fun if you do it thoroughly and consistently. Plan your week and divide your work and do it seriously.

Summary to above article:

  • Plan what exactly you need to do. What is your aim and who is your target audience. And get started.
  • Prepare yourself with your podcast. Prepare your episode title name and divide your episode.
  • Record your episode and edit with the software that is easy to use but gives you good result.
  • Launch your episode and spread the word with the world.
  • Start post-marketing by creating a website and social media pages.

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