How to write a blog post for beginners in 2023. Read the important check-list.

Here we are going to discuss how to write a blog post for beginners in 2023. The biggest thrill I get while writing a blog is that I know who is my audience, what are their requirements and what I can serve them.

If you want to start writing a blog post then go ahead, get on the road and start mapping your pathway. Because this is the easiest thing to do if you do it correctly.

Here in this post I am going to discuss the top 5 tips to write a blog post for beginners.

Note: Here I am taking an example for “how to learn English” in the reference to write a blog

Do the Research and Planning:

If you are going to write your first blog post on your selected niche then do proper research before you start writing.

Steps to do the research to write a blog post for beginners:

  • Go to Google and type in “How to learn English” and check the suggestion of what Google gives you. Check all the auto-suggestions given in dropdown.
How to write a blog post for beginners in 2021. Read the important check-list.:
  • Google has this great feature where it automatically gives you suggestions based on what people have searched for in the past. Understand what people have actually search on Google and jot it down on a notepad and remember to add below pointers in your blog post.
  • Once you have the suggestion points in your mind, go to another most important section of Google search i.e. Q&A on Google or People also Searched
How to write a blog post for beginners in 2021. Read the important check-list.:
  • Try keeping these questions in your blog post so that once people search in this patter Google can suggest them for your blog.

Determine objective and Outline Post

By now, you know exactly what kind of blog posts you want to write what you want to teach people. You’ve got a list of different questions that you’re going to address within this blog post so it’s important for you to sit down and start to write this blog post.

Points to remember to determine your objective to write a blog post for beginners:

  • It is very important to have a clear objective and purpose of the blog clear in your mind.
  • Think about the topic of the blog (How to learn English in 24 hours?)and also the structure of how you are going to answer the question asked by your audience.
  • Clearly define the objective of this particular blog post and make a list of the things that you are absolutely going to teach them in this blog post.
How to write a blog post for beginners in 2021. Read the important check-list.":

Outline Post

Point to consider to write a blog post for beginners:

  • List out the easiest part and that is to simply list out the steps that will help them get to accomplishing that main objective.
  • Write, what are the 10 steps or 25 steps to learn English. Basically outlining your entire blog posts you’re hitting all those high points you’re creating a list of bullet points that tell what they need to do.

Add Photos and Graphics

Add photos and graphics that can help make the consumption process a bit more enjoyable to write a blog post for beginners.

What I mean by that is if you get on a blog post and you scroll through it and there are no pictures and there are no infographics or video there’s nothing to capture your eye. It can be bland, it can be a little boring and it can feel more like a textbook article rather than a blog.

Why is it important to add photos in Blog post for beginners

  • Your audience can connect to the content and can read your article for a longer time period.
  • It make topics easy to understand.
  • It also helps you to rank your article on Google and in On page SEO.
  • It creates lot of effect on your readers mind and eyes.
How to write a blog post for beginners in 2021. Read the important check-list.:

The most important Editing Part

Why it is called the most important part of your blog post journey, because it is true that editing and article is much more harder than writing one.

Just checking on Grammar and errors is not the whole part of editing. Editing is about the whole structure of your blog post, the start, the end, the pictures and content.

Let’s check the point to do the editing for blog post for beginners:

  • Re-read your post aloud for 2 times after writing your post.
  • Keep your paragraphs and sentence shorter as it engages your audience and keep them stick to your content.
  • Re-read and Re-edit your content, again and again, until your audience will get what they are actually looking for.
  • Give your article to someone for a re-read. So that they can do proof-reading and check-out how much they understood your concept and objective.
How to write a blog post for beginners in 2021. Read the important

Check on the Keyword

Here you’re going to ensure that you’re including all of the important keywords within your blog post.

Here’s the deal about keywords, there are certain phrases that people will type in when they’re looking for something in particular for example “The easiest way to learn English” or “How to learn English quickly”.

They’re just typing that in and that’s what they use on Google to find what it is they’re looking for those are the keywords you want to try to insert within that blog posts.

So understand the importance of Keywords in your blog post and use it very vigilantly.

How to write a blog post for beginners in 2021. Read the important check-list.:


Blogging is great if you give your heart and do it mindfully. You can become a phenomenal blogger if you do it regularly and properly.

Summary of the article:

  • Do the Research and Planning of your article before you start writing it. Do proper analysis and people search trend before penning down your content.
  • Determine objective and Outline Post because it is very important to have a clear understanding of your topic so that you can deliver the same aspect to your audience.
  • Add related Photos and Videos on your blog post so that your audience doesn’t skip due to any reason.
  • Take the editing part seriously and do it thoroughly. Always at the end check out that is it meeting your set requirements which you gave at the beginning of the article.
  • Don’t play with keywords and search them open-mindedly. Use the relevant keywords throughout the article.

This is to conclude this article so don’t wait and pen down your first blog post also share it with is. If you think that we need to add something on “how to write a blog post for beginners” then comment me below.

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